Poly Palace Waste Bags

Poly Palace Waste Bags Poly Palace Waste Bags
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Poly Palace provide large plastic bags for FREE, for bagging polystyrene offcuts and waste, for returning to Poly Palace for recycling. Please ensure only polystyrene without significant conmtamination is placed in these bags, These bags are NOT rubbish bags.  

  • If the bags are free of contaminants they qualify for FREE recycling at Poly Palace.
  • If the bags are contamnated Landfill fee's apply. The landfill fee covers the labour to sort through YOUR rubbish to extract the polystyrene and the cost of landfilling the contaminants.

Tip: In many circumstances it is usefull to carry some 'supermarket shopping bags'  to collect smaller offcuts in when cutting or placing polystyurene products. These are easily filled and tied as work progresses, and then transferred to the larger waste bags at a suitable time. This makes managing waste part of the work process, reduces contamination, and reduces the cleanup required at the end of the day or job.

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