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Poly Palace, the polystyrene re-manufacturer and recycler at Spicer Landfill is celebrating the 2015 Climate Change Conference by announcing the launch of a new 100% recycled under-slab insulation product, 'Ecoslab'.....
Show Details'Valueless Polystyrene Packaging? Kiwi innovation in pollution solution to address climate change...'
Poly Palace Press Release
Wellington, NZ.
1 December 2015

As the government struggles with a high dollar, stubbornly high interest rates and getting control of the over heated ‘Warm Up New Zealand Heat Smart’ home insulation subsidy scheme, landlords are seeing their Christmas’s come early....
Show Details'Flexible funding delivers a Christmas bonus for landlords...'
Poly Palace Press Release
Wellington, NZ.
23 November 2009

If you live in a home fitted with substandard foil underfloor insulation your entitlement under Warm Up New Zealand Heat Smart has changed from replacement with quality cavity insulation material to a repair option for the foil...
Show Details'Warm Up New Zealand Heat Smart Cancels Underfloor Insulation Retrofit Option...'
Poly Palace Press Release
Wellington, NZ.
7 October 2009

Poly Palace Porirua’s award winning polystyrene recycler, re-manufacturer and under-floor insulation specialist, is laying off installation and administration staff after being left out in the cold by EECA’s selection for Warm Up New Zealand Heat Smart...
Show Details 'Poly Palace goes cold on Warm Up New Zealand Heat Smart'
Poly Palace Press Release
Wellington, NZ.
30 September 2009

The year is 2003, The New Zealand Government has just released the New Zealand Waste Strategy. In the midst of the Ministry for the Environments 'Reduce Rubbish' campaign, 'Enviromart', the Wellington Region's Waste Exchange announces a new solution to polystyrene waste. Poly Palace is born....
Show Details'Enviromart Solution To Waste Expanded Polystyrene...'
Enviromart Co-ordinator : Richard Moore
12 June 2003

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