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...we had huge power bills last winter, so you are helping us to survive...
Show Details Max Stevenson
Hinemoa House
24 January 2012 is a business that saves hundreds (if not thousands) of cubic metres of waste each year and turns it into something useful.... it's the type of enterprise we should be encouraging...
Show Details Chris Hipkins
Labour MP
November 2nd 2009

...Poly Palace has been in business since 2004, making and fitting underfloor polystyrene insulation. A quick tour of the premises shows Mr Moore is using his entrepreneurial and engineering skills to a high degree, creating thicker but more cost-effective material than is available elsewhere on the market...
Show Details 'Poly Palace shunned by scheme...'
Kris Dando
Kapi-Mana News Ltd
15 Oct 2009

...the ingenuity of Richard's engineering solutions and his passionate integrity and concern for the environment mean he is a terrific person to find solutions rather than problems...
Show Details Celia Wade-Brown
Wellington City Councillor
Island Bay -Wellington
21 July 2009

...this provides a sensible economic solution to the end consumer as well as providing New Zealand with access to a truly environmentally friendly company...
Show Details Neil Chamberlain
Contracting Manager
The Insulation Panel & Door Company Limited
20 July 2009

...this resource recovery model is unique in New Zealand...beneficial reuse has diverted hundreds of cubic meters of waste from the landfill...
Show Details Peter Bailey
General Manager Asset Management & Operations
Porirua City Council
15 July 2009

...Poly Palace is testament to what can be achieved when council and innovative members of the community work together to solve some of the problems that councils across New Zealand face by creating real jobs, products, and opportunities from materials that previously went to landfill...
Show Details Jenny Brash
Porirua City Council
18 March 2009

...Not only has the manager driven this business with a commitment and enthusiasm that is infectious he has further ideas for new products and services that can only prove long term that the environment pays...
Show Details Porirua Chamber of Commerce
Annual Report 2008

...I would like to congratulate you and you're your staff at Poly Palace for winning the Environmental Category at the recently held Porirua City Business Awards. This Award is well deserved...
Show Details Jenny Brash
Porirua City Council
16 November 2007

...Poly Palace... set up without a Government subsidy in a derelict shed and using machinery scrounged from the nearby landfill has reached the finals of a prestigious business award...
Show Details 'Turning up the heat...'
Andrew Bonallack
City Life News
May 31 2007

...using recycled washing machine parts, dag crushers, roller blades, vacuums and scrap steel, Poly Palace owner Richard Moore built a waste polystyrene recycling plant...
Show Details 'King Kong props go underfoot...'
Kay Blundell
Dominion Post
20 January 2006

...Poly Palace, an innovative Porirua-based business that converts polystyrene into under-floor insulation...
Show Details 'Honey, there's a movie set under the floor...'
Wairarapa Times Age
23 September 2005

...the engineering brilliance that saw Richard Pearse fly the skies above Waitohi is still alive and well in New Zealand...
Show Details Gerry Gillespie
Zero Waste Australia
12 May 2005

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