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...the overall impact of the vapour barrier and insulation for a relatively low investment has dried out the house and provided a safe, warm environment for us to live. ...
Show Details Andrew & Karen Alleway
26 Rangoon St St
17 January 2012

...Thanks for your sterling work with our tricky insulation. Fantastic commitment you have!...
Rona & Dave
1 Turriff Cres
22 November 2009

...thank you Poly Palace! Excellent recycled product at a great price, and real no nonsense service...
Show Details Charlie Tait
7 Raupo St
28 April 2008

...we picked a good outfit to do this work... I am glad we decided to use polystyrene...
Show Details Norman Wilkins
3 Goldsborough Ave
Raumati Beach
26 Feb 2008

...we went under the house today to have a look and are very pleased...
Show Details Caren & Dirk Schroder
82 Rintoul Street
October 2007

...the guys did a great job & are a great set of people to promote your business...
Show Details Colin Bleasdale
35 Gordon Road
27 August 2007

...it has made a huge difference to my home...I have had bad circulation for ever and it is a wonderful feeling to have warm feet...
Show Details Joy Fenton
66 Friend St
5 July 2007

...it has made a noticeable difference in the warmth of our house...thanks for doing a great job!...
Show Details Dianne Anderson & Al Gross
27 Jessie St
29 April 2007

...thanks for a great job, it has made a big difference in the comfort of my home...
Rob Wilson
40 Randwick Cres
Nov 2006

...in a very difficult house, the extra effort put in by your team was very much appreciated...
Show Details Melisa Bailey
42 Fitzherbert St
14 October 2006

...we had a 2° C increase in the heat retained in the house from just daytime sunshine...
Show Details Brian Fullina
5 Pelorus St
12 September 2006

...thanks! our house is so warm now...
Kerry Mischewski
15 Thompson Grove
Porirua East
Sept 2006

...the floor was so cold the bathroom...was honestly like walking into a refrigerator... I always wore socks or slippers... the floor is now bearable to walk on in bare feet, even during a southerly!..

...a double thank you for caring enough about the environment to use recycled products...
Show Details Shirley Clover
15 Tawa Terrace
28 April 2006

...even as the work of insulating the under-floor progressed, we noticed the house becoming warmer room by room...
Show Details Simon Romanos
35a Kenya Street
20 June 2005

...we were sleeping under a duvet, and with the installation of Palace Planks, we changed to a cotton blanket overnight...
Show Details Louise Murray and Terry Bourke
130 Darlington Road
29 March 2004




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