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Poly Palace introduces the new generation in high bearing strength and high flow rate tanking protection and permeable fill material. Protect YOUR waterproofing membrane and let below grade water pressure problems drain away with superior Palace Porous (Hi-Drain) panels.

Palace Porous (Hi-Drain) with white rock™ technology

By incorporating Poly Palace’s unique white rock™ technology, Palace Porous (Hi-Drain) panels achieve market leading bearing strength, durability and performance,

Palace Porous (Hi-Drain) panels are the superior choice in premium tanking protection and drainage material. For the low cost, light weight alternative to procuring, transporting and placing loose fill, ditch the shovel and scoop and go with sheet, specify easily placed Palace Porous (Hi-Drain) panels.

  1. Palace Porus panels provide market leading bearing strength, dimensional stability and rate of flow.
  2. Palace Porous provides superior protection against freeze-thaw and backfilling damage.
  3. Palace Porous is a long life (50 year +) product, compliant with the New Zealand Building Code.
  4. Palace Porous 1.2m x 2.4m panels are available in  thicknesses from 100mm standard to 500mm.
  5. Significantly reduce loadings on structures by using ultra-light Palace Porous panels as an alternative to fill.
  6. Palace Porous is re-manufactured from 100% recycled and graded post consumer polystyrene.
  7. Palace Porous is locally manufactured for the local market from local waste saving significant space and cost in local landfills.
  8. Transported on light trailers and utilities, Palace Porous is the new generation tanking protection and permeable fill material.

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Palace Porous (Hi-Drain) with White Rock™  Technology
Palace Porous is the premium tanking protection and drainage material. For the low cost, light we..
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