Ecoslab Underslab Sheets with White Rock™ Technology

Are YOU seeking a more sustainable solution for YOUR polystyrene underslab sheet requirements? Our concern for cost to YOU, cost to our community, and the cost of consuming 100% imported material versus clever local sustainable production, has led to the development of our unique 100% recycled Ecoslab sheets for underslab applications.

Poly Palace's commitment to innovation and sustainability, as we continue to expand our 100% recycled white rock™ product range, has resulted in our superior bearing strength Ecoslab Underslab sheet.

High quality polystyrene packaging, designed specifically for superior compaction resistance, following its short life protecting the global transportation of consumer goods is re-purposed to provide the same superior compaction resistance under YOUR concrete slab.

  1. Ecoslab Underslab Sheets provide the bearing strength and insulation performance suitable for underslab applications at the lowest cost.
  2. Ecoslab Underslab 1.2m x 2.4m sheets are available in thicknesses from 70mm to 500mm.
  3. Ecoslab Underslab Sheets have an R value of R2.5 per 100mm of thickness.
  4. Ecoslab Underslab Sheets have the maximum durability rating under the New Zealand Building Code (50 year +).
  5. Ecoslab Underslab Sheets do not contain brominated flame retardant. International agreements (The Stockholm Convention) require brominated flame retardants to be to be phased out of polystyrene manufacturing by 2019.
  6. Ecoslab Underslab Sheets are re-manufactured from 100% recycled and graded post consumer polystyrene.
  7. Ecoslab Underslab Sheets are locally manufactured for the local market from local waste saving significant space and cost in local landfills.
  8. The factory direct price of Ecoslab Underslab Sheet is up to 50% less than the DIY store retail price for the alternative of virgin manufactured 'S' grade polystyrene sheet.
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Ecoslab Underslab Sheets with White Rock™ Technology
Our unique white rock™ manufacturing process enables us to produce this 100% recycled alternati..
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