Palace Planks

When YOU are considering insulating under the floor of YOUR new or existing home, before YOU choose any other product, answer these three simple questions;

  1. Will YOUR under-floor insulation perform better than New Zealand Building Code better practice guidelines of R1.9?
    Anything less is considered only a minimum standard of under-floor insulation.
  2. Does YOUR underfloor insulation maintain its performance in Wellington's winds?
  3. Do YOU care about YOUR underfloor insulation quality as much as we do?

Answer Yes, Yes, Yes, by choosing to insulate with our Palace Planks Premium range, the quality under-floor insulation solution for YOUR warmer, healthier, more energy efficient and more sustainable home.  Made better, made locally and made for YOU by Poly PalaceYOUR local award winning underfloor insulation manufacturing and installation specialists.

  1. INSULATION: Palace Planks Premium 80mm R2.0 'thicker - warmer' insulation for YOUR wooden floor, or go 100mm thick with Palace Planks Premium Plus for ultimate R2.5 performance.
  2. FRICTION FIT: Flexible concertina cuts and the widest range of colour coded sizes mean more insulation, better fit, and less waste.
  3. DRAFTS: prevents drafts through gaps in YOUR floor boards. Only polystyrene performs, don't go batty as Wellington winds rob fibreglass or polyester of YOUR insulation investment.
  4. NOISE: make YOUR floor quieter reducing echo. Solid thicker Palace Planks dampen noise not YOUR home.
  5. MOISTURE shield YOUR floor-boards from damp. Get superior resistance to moisture, damp and mould.
  6. VALUE : The highest performing underfloor panels with the lowest cost, that are better for YOUYOUR health, the economy and the environment. Create a warmer drier and healthier home with Palace Planks
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Palace Planks Premium Plus : R2.5 : 100mm
100mm R2.5 Poly Palace Planks Premium Plus are the perfect solution to insulate under the floor o..
Ex Tax: $13.04
Palace Planks Premium : R2.0 : 80mm
80mm R2.0 Poly Palace Planks Premium  are the perfect solution to insulate under the fl..
Ex Tax: $11.30
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