Charlie Tait says...

Satisfied customers.... here's a little blurb for you after our phone call earlier;

When we brought our renovated villa, we soon noticed that the modernisation inside looked great, but insulation had been skimped on. The attic was full of pink batts, but saving money, the previous owners had not insulated the spare room! Not very welcoming for guests. This was easy to fix and I did it myself... just one more bale of the stuff. Like all these current renovations, they'd gone for polished wood floors. The floors look great, but we noticed that with the lights on in the basement at night, you could see right through the gaps in the floorboards, to the basement. The house is raised about six feet off the ground on piles, and the basement is not entirely covered from the elements. So basically, through the gaps in the floor, we could see the outside world!

Cue Poly Palace. We'd found them online, and were thrilled at the prospect of being able to use a recycled product to insulate the floor which would not only give us warmer feet in the morning, but save on energy too. We heat most of the open plan house with a single gas fire. The guys came and gave us a quote we were happy with, and amazingly, started and finished the job in a single day (after delivering the polystyrene the day before.)

The first morning after it had been installed, we noticed the difference. The heat from the night before is retained until morning... the floors are no longer cold. The children's bedrooms are much warmer. Since then we've noticed that their bedrooms get too warm, and we've had to turn down their oil fin heaters, and we need to use the gas fire on a lower setting too... our living room just gets too hot.

Thank you Poly Palace! Excellent recycled product at a great price, and real no nonsense service.

Charlie Tait