Max Stevenson says...

Dear Richard and Danna,

I am writing as chairman of Hinemoa house to thank you for the polystyrene underfloor insulation you donated to us. You have previously similarly donated to the Habitat for Humanity home we built in Foxton. 

It is people like you who make my role in both organisations a pleasure. Currently Hinemoa house is insolvent ( we will survive), so it would be quite impossible to contemplate purchasing the insulation. On the other hand we had huge power bills last winter, so you are helping us to survive.

Hinemoa house works with highly at risk young people and adults. We run fitness programmes, after school programmes, coffee mornings, a gymnasium and are responding to the local community needs as able as they arise. We have achieved significant community involvement and are proud of the difference we are making.

Thankyou again for your part.

Yours sincerely,

Max Stevenson