Andrew & Karen say...

Hi Richard,

For some background the house is in Khandallah and was built in 1945 construction of stucco on piles, we live surrounded by trees and an almighty bank on one side where runs inside the bank and appears as damp under the house. We were lucky enough when we brought that the previous owners had “modernised” the house and polished all the timber floors so we had an entire insulation of 1 x matai floor board throughout much of the house.

Having tried HRV and other options I decided to call Pink Fit as they had a brochure at the hardware store, they promptly called made an appointment and then advised me that there was not enough clearance to install so they could do about 70 %, the easy areas, this was of no help as the problem areas were at the areas they would not install.

A friend of mine recommended Poly Palace as he had it installed in Karori 2 years ago and as they started renovations the builder was very impressed that the insulation was all the way to the exterior walls and no shortcuts had been taken.

I called Poly Palace and arranged a quotation, Richard the owner came and quoted (and spent 2 hours crawling around a very damp basement) and despite the fact that access was not great he did two things:

  1. Committed to installing the insulation
  2. Recommended installing a vapour barrier (For those of you who do not know what this is as I did not it is basically a tarpaulin that covers the ground and traps the damp below the tarpaulin therefore stopping additional damp).

Between the vapour barrier and the insulation the house has completely changed, we had 2 wardrobes that used to stink of damp, our house was always cold and we were deciding whether to sell and move. We love the house and location but the damp was driving us both to the point of selling. We went away over the Christmas Break and came back to a house that was dry, the cupboards were mould free and the basement now has no damp smell due largely to the vapour barrier.

We have also added carpet to all 80% of the house but the overall impact of the vapour barrier and insulation for a relatively low investment has dried out the house and provided a safe, warm environment for us to live.

Many thanks for all the hard work on the install, I know it was a bugger to get to the back corner.

Andrew & Karen