Why contamination tolerant products are important in our range?

The separate grading and processing of non fire retardant post consumer polystyrene inflows, prevents this feedstock contaminating Poly Palace's range of flame retardant insulation products.

Drainage and void filling applications are not effected by the types of visual contamination that typically occur in in-flows of post consumer polystyrene that survive Poly Palace's manufacturing process. Because of this Poly Palace can manage a higher degree of contaminants in Palace Porous and Palace Pods production.

Recycling is a consumer driven phenomenon. Through local manufacture on the landfill the consumer is more able to comprehend the value of sorting and separating post consumer polystyrene. By delivering it free of contamination in limited volumes (up to a 240 litre bin full) consumers gain access to Poly Palace's free recycling service provided as part of the landfill recycling drop-off.

Alternative solutions for post consumer polystyrene are: