Are all 'recycled content' drainage board products the same?

Poly Palace is the only polystyrene manufacturer to manufacture 100% 'recycled content' drainage board, with the feedstock for Palace Porous sourced from post consumer polystyrene waste.

The Enviro-Choice interpretation of 'recycled content' or 'recycled material' includes:

Enviro-Choice is the New Zealand Eco Labelling Trust's Environmental labelling program and is endorsed by the New Zealand Government and as such is the benchmark for credible environmental labelling specifications and practices.

Other manufacturers manufacture drainage board from their own regrind, a feedstock specifically excluded from Enviro-choice's New Zealand Government endorsed definition of 'recycled content' in environmental labelling.

Flame retardant regrind applied by other manufacturers to drainage board is better utilised in floor and wall insulation products where the brominated flame retardants are a requirement and remain stable over the 50+ year product life. In drainage applications brominated flame retardants are a potential leachate which can enter water reservoirs and consequently the food chain as a carcinogen.