What are the benefits of solid pods over fluted pods?

Palace Pods are always solid, manufactured from 100% recycled selected and graded post consumer polystyrene waste. The strength of solid Palace Pods over fluted systems has the important advantage of preventing pod failure when barrowing and pumping during concrete placement, a reputed failure attributed to other raft systems.

Without the costly addition of virgin material Palace Pods are guaranteed to be the lowest cost void forming pods on the New Zealand market with the additional benefits of solid form strength.

Manufactured in purpose built equipment to deliver a single step zero waste automated process the manufacturing of Palace Pods mirrors the manufacturing efficiency of the industry dominating shape moulded 'virgin' fluted pods but with 100% recycled content.

Palace Pods solid form ensures all concrete steel and spacers contribute to the strength of raft in exact accordance with design specifications, without the positioning and placement of concrete and reinforcing being effected by cut shapes with open voids.

Our supply of waste bags and pickup service offers 100% recycling of all Poly Palace product waste and extends our zero-waste performance to YOUR construction site.

In the construction industry where delays translate into higher costs, specifying Palace Pods saves time, money, and resources for YOU, the local and national economy, and the environment.

Because the air voids in the fluted systems provide an open-air path for heat to escape and to carry sound underneath the slab from room to room, the ongoing benefits for the home owner from choosing solid Palace Pods over fluted systems are superior insulating performance and lack of sound resonance.