What are the component parts of a ribbed raft waffle slab?

As a modular system the majority of applications of Palace Pods ribbed raft waffle slabs involve standardised pods, spacers, and shear key supports available through Poly Palace. Other materials such as reinforcing and chairs are standard to the construction industry and readily available from your building merchant.

Typical implementations of a  Palace Pod ribbed raft waffle slab involve 1.1m x 1.1m Palace Pods with a thickness of 200mm for a 100mm added strength topping slab or 220mm for a lower specification 80mm minimum specification slab. The pods are spaced with spacers 300mm from perimeter walls or 300mm apart under load bearing walls, otherwise pods are laid out 100mm apart to form 100mm wide ribs on a 1.2m grid over the entire raft slab area.

A popular alternative pod size used with 100mm thick topping slabs is 1.2m x 1.2m x 200mm thick Palace Pods under high load areas such as garages and super economical 1.2m x 1.8m Palace Pods under the rest of the living areas, resulting in a significant reduction in concrete and steel use without compromising design strength.

Other Palace Pod dimensions are occasionally requested by engineers and specifically cut from our 1.2m  x 2.4m x 500mm 100% recycled solid blocks, or formed by joining blocks together to achieve the dimensions required.

The Palace Pods polystyrene and spacers hold the ribbed raft waffle mould and reinforcing to exact dimensions while the concrete is poured and cures to achieve maximum design strength.

Once cured the structural strength of the slab carries the load of the perimeter and load bearing walls through the thickened beams and ribs in the slab, transferring the entire load of the structure safely and effectively onto the substrate through the base of raft ribs in contact with the substrate. By this time the Palace Pods have no further role in delivering structural support to the slab. The Palace Pods however serve the long-term role of insulation and noise suppression.