Why choose a local supplier of Pods?

Speed of construction requires reliable local supply. Poly Palace has supplied Palace Pods since 2004 and as a local manufacturer offer advantages in the local market that keeps your construction project firmly grounded.

A standard 200m2 new build using the most common pod size will use more than 35m3 of polystyrene pods. The Wellington regions winds can play havoc with such large volumes of polystyrene stored on site particularly if construction or consent activities delay the building program. Poly Palace's in house delivery capability with our trucks and 'super trailer' achieving up to 80m3 per load to an accessible site, provides us the opportunity to guarantee delivery on the day when Palace Pods are required with efficiency and flexibility unmatched by commercial freight companies.

Poly Palace can also supply labour to work alongside your builder laying Palace Pods and spacers so your builder can concentrate on the traditional activities of perimeter boxing, laying the sand binding and damp proof membrane and fitting & tying reinforcing. In this instance Poly Palace staff are on-site until the Palace Pods are securely covered with the reinforcing mesh and immune to weather conditions.

For all YOUR Palace Pod ribbed raft waffle slabs, Poly Palace is the local solution and can visit site to provide advice and solutions when required.