EECA Energywise installed foil in my house, should I replace it?

Reflective foil, was up until 2007, EECA's recommended, government approved, and most 'cost effective' solution to achieving an acceptable standard of under-floor insulation, and installed by taxpayer funded contractors under EECA Energywise programs that promised a guaranteed life of 15 years plus.

Now, without even achieving half of this promised life expectancy, foil retrofit installations are regularly removed by taxpayer funded contractors to fit the current selection of minimum standard products offered by EECA'S insulation programs.

At the time Jeanette Fitzsimons in an email to Poly Palace stated " It was a genuine learning that the foil did not perform as well as expected, and when the foil was agreed other products were not widely available."

Perhaps it is also genuine learning that taxpayer money is clearly squandered on under-floor insulation, and in some cases in multiple installations on the same houses without achieving the durability that was promised, or that taxpayers should expect, and in a recession this is all funded on borrowed money.

Learn from this that increasing standards and expectations will similarly render current minimum underfloor insulation products redundant, simply because the NZ Department of Building and housing has indicated the minimum underfloor insulation standard should rise to R1.9 making current R1.3 to R1.8 products below the building code and obsolete.

Real sustainability is fundamentally about making decisions about our futures that are sustainable.

Poly Palace Palace Planks have always been the sustainable choice for YOUR under-floor insulation. They were in 2007 and they are now.