Gerry Gillespie, Zero Waste Australia says...

Thank you for taking the time during our recent New Zealand visit to demonstrate your polystyrene recycling technology and to show us your products.

At our latest meeting the Directors of Zero Waste Australia were impressed with your innovation and the viability of the system for both regional and urban centers. We would be very interested in partnering with you to assist you to distribute your technology throughout Australia.

We have several regional sites where it could be applied immediately, where polystyrene has been identified as a very large landfill issue.

Mr. Mal Williams the Chair of Zero Waste International in the UK has also asked rile to pass on his regards and confirm his interest in assisting the technology into Europe.

As soon as you have a franchise package available for your technology we would like to commence discussions, initially on its distribution into Australia and then, through Zero Waste International, its application in the world market.

Thank you once again for your time and a very heartening demonstration that the engineering brilliance that saw Richard Pearse fly the skies above Waitohi is still alive and well in New. Zealand.

Yours sincerely,

Gerry Gillespie