Honey, there's a movie set under the floor...

Richard Moore, manager of Poly Palace in Porirua, hoists a bundle of insulation tiles made from polystyrene recycled

There might be a rumble in the jungle when King Kong discovers his polystyrene film set has been converted into insulation tiles, but hopefully the giant ape won't wreak his revenge on Masterton.

Michael Blundell, Carterton councilor and chairman of Waste Management Wairarapa, proved he practices what he preaches when he invested in 10 m3 of recycled tiles to insulate the floor of his Masterton home.

The tiles were supplied by Poly Palace, an innovative Porirua-based business that converts polystyrene into under-floor insulation.

In their former life the tiles were part of the set on Peter Jackson's latest blockbuster movie, King Kong, but Mr Blundell wasn't interested in their souvenir appeal.

"It was the product I was after, not what it was made of," he said.

In April Mr Blundell won the "Be the Difference" competition run by Greater Wellington Regional Council. His prize was a warm home package consisting of an energy audit, home insulation and a Panasonic heat pump.

He had already decided to install the polystyrene tiles before winning the prize and said they were not included in the package.

Carterton man Richard Moore manages the Poly Palace. He said the recycled insulation tiles are "a great product for walls or floors. They're technically better than batts and in terms of under-floor, batts are a problem to fit."

He added that the tiles had environmental and financial benefits to ratepayers since recycling the polystyrene meant councils did not have to pay to bury it in landfills.

The Wellington film industry is the biggest user of polystyrene in the lower North Island. They supply 95 per cent of the polystyrene waste that is recycled by Poly Palace.

Wairarapa Times Age