Mayor Jenny Brash says...

Porirua City Council sees great value in initiatives that engage the community in recycling and resource recovery.

Trash Palace at Spicer Landfill delivers improved community and environmental outcomes from materials that historically would have been land filled. Following the opening of Trash Palace, Porirua City Council in 2004 offered a utility shed on the Trash Palace site for a polystyrene recycling project that has progressed under the leadership of Richard Moore and brand of 'Poly Palace'. In an informal partnership with privately held MegaVision Ltd. 'Poly Palace', has developed as a working example of a landfill-based, small business.

Reprocessing waste polystyrene into 'Palace Planks' for timber floor insulation, sheets and 'Palace Pods' for concrete floors, has enabled Poly Palace not only to operate on a viable commercial basis but to divert a waste product from the region's landfills and turn it into a valuable material.

It is widely accepted that improved insulation is a key sustainable technology in achieving domestic energy efficiency and health savings. Poly Palace's product range delivers real benefits to insulated home owners over the life of those homes for generations to come. Porirua City Council is proud to be associated with Poly Palace. 'Poly Palace' is testament to what can be achieved when council and innovative members of the community work together to solve some of the problems that councils across New Zealand face, by creating real jobs, products, and opportunities from materials that previously went to landfill.

Jenny Brash