Porirua City Council's partnership with MegaVision Ltd...

I am writing to confirm Porirua City Council's (PCC) position, as expressed by Her Worship The Mayor in a letter dated 18 March 2009, which highlights our partnership with MegaVision Ltd, a private company operating as Poly Palace from the Spicer Landfill in Porirua.

As the Poly Palace insulation product has successfully passed tests carried out by BRANZ, Council is convinced that Poly Palace should be considered for inclusion in the "Warm Up NZ: Heat Smart Programme as an accredited installer and as an approved supplier of under-floor insulation. Furthermore, we are concerned that MegaVision Ltd would be subject to unfair competition from the scheme should the product and the installation operation not be accepted and this will impact on the viability of the existing business.

MegaVision Ltd has filled a market niche in reprocessing unwanted post consumer polystyrene waste into a quality under-floor insulation product for homes. Reprocessing post consumer polystyrene into beneficial reuse has diverted hundreds of cubic meters of waste from the landfill, where the natural breakdown of the material will take 100 years. It is also an example of the wise use of resources, reducing the need for virgin material. This is entirely in keeping with the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. This resource recovery model is unique in New Zealand.

PCC is supporting MegaVision Ltd by providing a site and an amenity building at Spicer Landfill and assisting with the operations by diverting polystyrene from the Landfill site to the Poly Palace Plant.

Since establishment in 2004, Poly Palace has a substantial track record of insulating Palace Planks under timber floors, not only in Porirua district but the whole of the lower North Island. Poly Palace has continually exceeded EECA's requirements of 200 homes/year.

Yours Faithfully
Peter Bailey