The Insulation Panel & Door Co Ltd...

Company background - The Insulation Panel & Door Co Ltd was incorporated in 1996 and is the largest New Zealand owned manufacturer of insulated panel in the country. The company's head office is in Palmerston North and operates manufacturing bases in Palmerston North and Christchurch as well as an office in Auckland.

Product History - The primary business for The Insulation Panel and Door Co Ltd (IPD) is the manufacture and installation of Polystyrene (EPS) cored insulated sandwich panel and EPS insulation products.

Under-floor Insulation / Recycling - The Insulation Panel & Door Co Ltd have worked closely with Poly Palace over a number of years in developing a grade of polystyrene which is acceptable as an under-floor insulation material whilst at the same time using a component of recycled polystyrene material to take the pressure off the landfills in both the Greater Wellington and Horizon regions.

The resulting Palace Plank is a commercially viable use for Polystyrene as an insulating material within domestic housing and provides the consumer with a quality product at an affordable price.

IPD strongly supports Poly Palace's application to the EECA subsidy scheme and believe that should Poly Palace be successful this provides a sensible economic solution to the end consumer as well as providing New Zealand with access to a truly environmentally friendly company.

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