Celia Wade-Brown says...

I am pleased to recommend Richard Moore's work at Poly Palace.

He has successfully run Poly Palace, at the entrance to the Porirua Landfill, for several years. The removal of polystyrene from the waste stream is one benefit, the installation of long term insulation in new or existing homes is another and employment of installers and other staff is an important third.

I am the Wellington City Council representative on the Porirua City Council / Wellington City Council Wastewater Treatment Plant and Landfill Joint Committee and we support continuation of the polystyrene reprocessing.

The ingenuity of Richard's engineering solutions and his passionate integrity and concern for the environment mean he is a terrific person to find solutions rather than problems.

Our household has invested in having the thick polystyrene panels under our 1950s wooden house. The effect was immediate - not just warmer rooms but less noisy and much less draughty. We had previously installed foil (as EECA used to advocate) and that did not last well at all. The polystyrene slabs were installed quickly and effectively in 2005 and we have had no problems at all since. The house remains warm and snug. We had already got double-glazing and wall and ceiling insulation in most rooms but the slabs still made a noticeable difference to our comfort.

Richard is a fit and able person of sound character and very capable of advancing home energy conservation. I recommend he becomes an accredited supplier and installer for the Home Insulation Fund.

You would be most welcome to contact me if you need to follow up this matter.

Yours sincerely

Celia Wade-Brown