Louise Murray and Terry Bourke say...

We would like to express our appreciation for Poly Palace's installation of Palace Planks insulation under our house.

As you know, we recently moved into a concrete house with wooden floorboards and were concerned with draughts around the house and generally keeping the house warm during the upcoming colder months. We have adequate heating, but did not necessarily want to lay carpet.
When we first moved here in February, there was a noticeable chill in the air, especially in the mornings. We were sleeping under a duvet, and with the installation of Palace Planks, we changed to a cotton blanket overnight.

We have a good heater in the house, and have recently used it at nights, and found that once the house warmed up it has been able to retain it's heat.

We are convinced that the installation installed has contributed greatly to this effect and we are confident that over winter we not only will stay warm, but will also save money in heating bills.

Thanks again for your services and for having the vision to create such a product. It's also great feeling that we, in some way, are contributing to reducing the waste disposal of such an environmentally unfriendly material.

Yours sincerely
Louise Murray and Terry Bourke